What Golf Needs to be Relevant Over the Next 10 Years

At Simple Golf Shop we're very passionate about golf and sustainability. We’ll explain how three are more than several ways that golf could evolve to stay relevant over the next decade while also addressing concerns about land use and environmental impact:

1. Technology: Tech can be used to enhance the experience for players along with spectators (e.g., sensors in golf balls as well as throughout the course could track ball flight and provide data on distance and spin; VR could also be used to create cool, immersive experiences for fans)

2. Accessibility: Make the sport available to a wider range of people - this could include initiatives to make courses more affordable, more inclusive, and welcoming to diverse communities.

3. Fan engagement: To continue keeping golf relevant, it's crucial to engage younger audiences who may not have grown up with the sport. One solution could be to create more interactive and social experiences for fans (e.g., mobile apps, gamification, or interactive exhibits/installations at tournaments).

4. Environmental impact: Golf courses can have a significant impact on the environment along with land use. The golf industry has to take steps to reduce its environmental footprint by using more sustainable practices. The following alternatives can help courses reduce their water usage and environmental impact while still maintaining high-quality playing conditions for golfers for generations to come:

   -Drought-tolerant grasses: There are already golf courses that are      transitioning to grasses that require less water (e.g., Fescue, Bermuda, or Zoysia grass). These grasses can not only survive but thrive in different types of climates and soil, which are better suited to geographic locations with limited water.

   -Artificial turf: Another option is to replace natural grass with artificial turf, which doesn't require water or maintenance. Synthetic turf has come a long way in recent years that can now closely resemble the look/feel of natural grass.

   -Soil moisture sensors: Courses can install soil moisture sensors that measure the moisture content of the soil that automatically adjust irrigation based on the needs of the grass. Especially with AI, this can help ensure that water used is optimized and only used when absolutely necessary.

   -Rainwater harvesting: Capturing and storing rainwater to use for irrigation - this can be done using rain barrels or larger tanks that collect and store rainwater from the course along with nearby areas.

   -Greywater systems: Greywater systems can capture and treat wastewater from sinks, showers, washing machines, etc, and then use it for irrigation.

   -Wetlands restoration: Restoring/creating wetlands to help manage stormwater runoff can provide habitats for waterfowl along with other wildlife.

   -Native plantings: Implement native plants into their landscaping to support local ecosystems - native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, and they provide important habitats.

   -Tree planting: If they’re not doing this already, courses can plant trees to provide shade, reduce erosion, and help local wildlife. In addition, trees help collect carbon dioxide, which can alleviate the effects of climate change.

   -Natural areas: Designate certain areas of the course as natural areas that are left undeveloped and be brought back to their natural state. These natural areas can provide important habitats for wildlife while being aesthetically pleasing.

   -Integrated pest management (IPM): Reduce the use of pesticides/herbicides by introducing the integrated pest management (IPM) approach. IPM is used in a variety of techniques: planting pest-resistant grasses, introducing natural predators, and only when necessary, using targeted chemical treatments.

As society progresses and values change, Golf will need to respond to changing social and environmental pressures to remain relevant over the next decade. However, with the right strategies and initiatives in place, the sport has the potential to continue to be a beloved pastime for generations to come while being sustainable.

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